In what appeared to be a case of gross medical negligence, a doctor in a state government-run hospital in Delhi operated upon a patient’s leg instead of his head. Indian Express news site reported that the surgeon, at the Sushruta Trauma Centre, operated upon the leg of a Vijendra Tyagi, who was admitted to the trauma centre with minor injuries. A report in the Times of India said that the surgeon confused Vijendra’s name with Virendra, which led to a massive blunder.

Speaking to the newspaper, Ankit Tyagi, the son of the victim said that the surgeon drilled a small hole into his father’s right leg who was in under anaesthesia. Ankit said that his father didn’t even realise the mistake or raise an alarm as he was under anesthesia. The surgery was done on April 19, while after some time, another corrective measure was performed to remove the pin. The hospital has taken a disciplinary action against the doctor.

Another such incident had surfaced earlier this month when a senior doctor at AIIMS allegedly performed a procedure required for dialysis treatment on woman who had complained of abdominal pain. Moreover, the doctor tampered with documents to cover up his fault. 30-year-old Rekha Devi, a resident of Saharsa in Bihar, had come to AIIMS for treatment of a complication caused by an abdominal surgery she had undergone at another hospital.

Later, the patient and the attendants were counseled regarding the adverse event and a corrective procedure was carried out the next day, the hospital had said. The enquiry report from the hospital further said that a wrong surgery has been performed on the patient which has not been documented in the patient records.

The incident of medical negligence was reported to the unit head, Dr Sunil Chumber, who ordered an inquiry into the matter. Later, the findings were submitted to the AIIMS Director. Another inquiry ordered by medical superintendent D K Sharma also indicted the doctor.

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