“Telemedicine will disrupt the status quo of Indian healthcare system”

Exclusive Interview with Amit Munjal CEO of Doctor Insta

Exclusive interview amit munjal
AMIT MUNJAL, CEO, Doctor Insta: “We are striving to fix the current problem of Accessibility, Reliability and Consistency”

Doctor Insta strives to bridge this gap between doctors and patients through a digital channel of primary healthcare delivery anytime anywhere. Doctor Insta endeavors to provide the best-in-class telemedicine experience to empower people to lead healthy lifestyles, enhance productivity, reduce infection rate and improve operational efficiency of Doctors.

How difficult is it to achieve the desired level of acceptance of telemedicine by society, patients, family physicians, specialists, administrators?

The telemedicine Healthcare Market in India is still in its nascent stage and has great potential to address serious health care concerns. The two main challenges faced in India is the access to good healthcare and the affordability of such services and Doctor Insta and other telemedicine company can tackle this problem

One major roadblock is the adoption and engagement of telemedicine in India. Although a) PM Modi and the Indian government strongly

support telemedicine and b) Independent research studies show us that 70% of the OPD cases do not require any in-person visit, yet people in India may feel the need of going to OPD. Slowly and steadily people are accepting this fact and soon Telemedicine will disrupt the status quo of Indian healthcare system.

One of our customers who is a 50 year Old Daughter got her 80 year old Diabetic Mother’s consultation with Doctor at Doctor Insta. She was very happy with the services and thanked us for having them saved half a day

every month when the Daughter as the only care taker will have to take her mother to a Brick & Mortar Clinic.

Tell us about the initiatives which will be undertaken by Doctor Insta to strengthen the mHealth system in rural and urban India?

Doctor Insta believes in growing on the lines of serving the society by the means of providing consultations at subsidized costs. Under our ‘Buy 1 and Give 1 Consultation’ program, we provide 1 free consultation to the weaker section of the society for every paid consultation. Under this initiative our team visit slum clusters with screens and gadgets and help people consult Specialist Doctors.

DII (Doctor Insta Inclusion) – For the rural areas of India,we are working in collaboration with companies running e-Kiosks.

We also have a subscription plan in which we provide our customers access to unlimited consultations for an entire year at a highly subsidized price. This offer extends to the user’s dependents as well.

How will they help to negate or at least lessen the current public health challenges caused by years of neglect?

We are striving to fix the current problem of Accessibility, Reliability and Consistency in India’s $100 Billion Healthcare Market and to bring quality healthcare to everyone’s finger “taps” – Anytime, Anywhere. 70% of the total OPD cases do not require in-person visits. These mild to moderate issues can easily be resolved through Telemedicine. . With Video, phone and chat, our Specialists can engage with the patients to diagnose their issues and provide an effective treatment plan.

Our Health Caregivers are available round the clock  on 24 x 7 x 365 basis and can be consulted through Web, iOS and Android Apps.

What are the key issues in designing cost-effective appropriate hardware and software connectivity?

One of the major issues in the Indian market is the lack of high speed internet at a large scale. Also, low rate of literacy makes it difficult for users to use the app, and book an appointment. We are dealing with this problem by providing a toll free number to our users, through which they can get connected to our call center where our operator redirects them to a doctor for a particular specialty.

How important is adequate reimbursement to teleconsultants to make the scheme attractive and viable? And how Doctor Insta dealt with this issue?

It is very important for good quality doctors to work and stay with Doctor Insta. We typically have two types of Doctors, the first being the ones who’ve been associated with various hospitals across the country and practicing on Doctor Intsa increases their catchment area. They get to talk to patients across India, and a wide spectrum of   cases which helps in their continuous development. The second type are the ones who wish to cut down on their commute time, have flexible hours, etc. and are able to provide a few hours to Doctor Insta on a daily basis. Supply is not a problem for us, since Doctor Insta provides flexible hours, option to work from home and in their own time to the doctors without any restriction in the patient’s demographics. The selection rate for Doctors is around 3%, and we make sure that only the best of them practice on Doctor Insta.


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