To make the health monitoring easy for both parents and children, the city-based startup ‘Health Saathi Lifecare’ has developed  ‘Health Saathi’ healthcare app which provides the parents personalised preventive healthcare assessments for children depending on the age.
“Any parent can register and add the child’s name and date of birth. The app adapts to specific age and gender of child and shows relevant information like vaccination,  developmental milestones, eye care, dental care and nutrition. It also has some assessments like growth monitoring and behaviour assessment through some questionnaire and inputs, these assessments are prepared by the experts

Our aim is to make the parents follow the criteria and use the app for better health and we can promise that there will be better result found in the overall health of children,” said Raja Sekhar, the founder of Health Saathi Lifecare.
The startup has collaborated with 10 hospitals and clinics in the city, so that people can reach the app and use the app for better health of their children.

“I have closely seen people whose lifestyle has changed very badly because of some chronic health problems or life style diseases and I felt that curative approach is not a right thing as a family member. We always expect our family to be healthy, so we thought we need to take right preventive healthcare to their reach so that suffering is mitigated. The app also has the option like medicine reminders, doctor appointment reminders, lifestyle reminders.”

Even the app can be used by the children who take care of the medicine intake of their parents staying away from them. They can create a profile of their parents and share it with other family members and parents so that the reminder will help them to take care of their parent’s health with particular medicine details to remind their parents with the suitable medium they want.
Till date, the app has 2,500 users in the city and also conducts free health screenings for the children.

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