Using 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, LinkedIn pointed out nearly half of the 30 fastest growing professions in the U.S. are related to healthcare. That 14% of Glassdoor’s 50 best this year related to healthcare on the front lines of care certainly helps to bolster this take. In addition, healthcare employment growth, while slowing a bit, continued in January where the industry added 18,300 jobs. Over the last 12 months, the healthcare industry added 374,000 jobs to the economy.

LinkedIn evaluated healthcare jobs with high median salaries, healthy job openings and year-over-year growth, and the jobs most likely to lead to a promotion or advancement within an organization.

The top 10 healthcare jobs in 2017, according to LinkedIn, are (median based salaries included):

  1. Pharmacy Manager – $137,000;
  2. Project Manager – $86,700;
  3. Regulatory Affairs Manager –  $115,000;
  4. Hospitalist – $220,000;
  5. Financial Analyst – $61,500;
  6. Regional sales Director – $135,000;
  7. Pharmacist – $124,000;
  8. Product Manager – $97,900;
  9. Program Manager – $85,000; and
  10.  Regional Director of Operations – $117,000.

LinkedIn’s list should serve as a reminder that just because a candidate doesn’t have an MD doesn’t mean a job in the healthcare industry is out of the question. In fact, the list highlights the growing importance of operations, tech and sales managers as the industry becomes a bit more networked. In LinkedIn’s list, the positions with larger “Career Advancement Scores” were lower among those at the front lines of care (Hospitalist and Pharmacist) than those with more office-related positions (Financial Analyst and Product Manager).

Though as Becker’s Hospital Review points out, care delivery job opportunities don’t seem to be slowing down. About 4,000 of the 18,300 jobs added in the sector last month came from hospitals, nearly 30% of positions. Ambulatory services experienced the biggest job growth last month with 11,000 positions across outpatient enters (4,800), physician offices (800) and home healthcare (4,500).

In addition, many high-paying healthcare jobs still includes care delivery services. A recent analysis of BLS data from CareerTrends found the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the industry were:

  1. Anesthesiologist ($219,810 average annual salary);
  2. Orthodontist ($209,350);
  3. Internist ($205,865);
  4. Psychiatrist ($205,723);
  5. Surgeon ($202,510);
  6. Physicians and surgeon ($188,263);
  7. General practitioner ($179,816);
  8. Dentist ($161,640);
  9. Chief executives ($150,416); and
  10. Pediatrician ($147,990).
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