Florida-based JP Healthcare Solutions announced the introduction of the EZ Lift Vest, a manual patient transfer lift device. The company has created a practical and efficient device designed to assist health care workers, caregivers and family members in serving individuals who are moderately mobility challenged or at risk for unintentional falls.

“Research shows that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a major source of injury for nurses and healthcare workers. The same is likely true of those who care for their loved ones at home. Many of these conditions such as low back pain, rotator cuff injuries and carpal tunnel injuries are due to overexertion related to repeated manual handling activities like transferring and repositioning. There have been very few products on the market that have attempted to assist healthcare workers and caregivers avoid these injuries. As registered nurses and caregivers, we understand the need to minimize or avoid these risk factors,” said Cathy Foster, RN.

To counteract the high physical demands of repetitive maneuvers, the EZ Lift Vest provides the caregiver with a secure, steady and controlled lifting experience. The product promotes good body mechanics and proper patient handling techniques. As for the patient, the EZ Lift Vest provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Because there is no direct patient contact, the EZ Lift Vest reduces the risk of falls, shoulder dislocations, skin tears and bruising. Made of a lightweight but sturdy poly-cotton twill, the EZ Lift Vest offers multiple hand grip components. This can assist a caregiver in performing at least eight different transfer maneuvers while providing the loved one with a comfortable and secure transfer experience.

Foster went on to say, “Although caregiver and healthcare employee injuries are common, The EZ Lift Vest will provide the confidence you need as a caregiver by providing the security, comfort, dignity and independence your patient one deserves.” Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., the EZ Lift Vest is affordable and available for purchase from the company’s online store at www.ezliftvest.com.


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