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Women's Health

breast screening

Clinics should choose women’s breast screening appointment times to improve attendance

For women who miss a breast screening appointment, giving a fixed date and time for a new  appointment could improve poor attendance and be...
Health Workers Test And Spray For Mosquitos As Texas Prepares For Zika Virus

Women And The Zika Virus: Smart Questions And A Few Solid Answers

The Zika virus caused birth defects in about 10 percent of the 250 pregnant women confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...
IVF macro concept

Women With Coverage For IVF More Likely To Have Procedure Again, Give Birth

Women whose health insurance covered in-vitro fertilization (IVF) were more likely to repeat the procedure if necessary, boosting their likelihood of having a baby, compared...
Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon: Patients Need Education On Breast Implants Link To Cancer

SPRINGFIELD -- Mercy Medical Center plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Brian A. Pryor called the Food and Drug Administration's concurrence Tuesday of a link...
stem cell

Experimental Stem Cell Treatment Leaves Three Women Blind

An experimental treatment — which blinded three women after stem cells from abdominal fat were injected into their eyes — was advertised on a government-run...