Eppendorf BioFlo® 120 Bioprocess Control Station

Eppendorf BioFlo120
Eppendorf BioFlo120

The flexible BioFlo 120 bioreactor/fermentor control station is capable of microbial fermentation as well as mammalian cell culture applications. 

It features an extensive range of glass and BioBLU® Single-Use Vessel options (250 mL – 40 L). Universal connections for digital Mettler Toledo® ISM and analog sensors make it easy to monitor a variety of critical process parameters.

The embedded software offers real-time local process control through an integrated touchscreen. The newly developed Auto Culture modes for push button control of microbial and cell culture applications drastically reduce the learning curve associated with new equipment. For additional process control capabilities and secure database management the BioFlo 120 can also be connected to Eppendorf SCADA platforms DASware® and BioCommand®.

“A very user-friendly system, which is self-explanatory” summarized Hamed Tehrani at RWTH Aachen University, after using the new control station for a few weeks. Ease of use and flexibility ensure the new bioreactor/fermentor serves the needs of scientists today and in the years to come – be it in academic, governmental, or industrial research settings.

Features at a glance:

  • Push-button Auto Culture modes for microbial and cell culture applications
  • Flexible operation with conventional glass vessels or BioBLU® Single-Use Vessels
  • Scalable expanded working volume range (250 mL – 40 L)
  • Universal connections for digital and analog sensors
  • Space-saving compact design for quick and easy installation



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