Cell Proliferation Kits III

PromoCell PDW Cell Proliferation
PromoCell PDW Cell Proliferation

PromoKine’s new Cell Proliferation Assays are fast and sensitive and EdU-based.

PromoKine’s EdU-based Cell Proliferation Kits III provide a superior alternative to classical BrdU and radioactive [3H]thymidine assays and are each optimized for fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry as well as high-throughput quantification using a fluorescence plate reader. EdU is a nucleoside analog to thymidine and is incorporated into DNA during active DNA synthesis. In contrast to the classical BrdU assays, our EdU-based Cell Proliferation Assays are not antibody based and therefore do not require harsh, sample-compromising DNA denaturation for detection of the incorporated EdU. Instead, the assays utilize the fast and simple click chemistry for easily coupling fluorophores to the incorporated EdU – allowing a faster and more sensitive detection and quantification in a variety of fluorescent readouts. The simple click chemistry detection procedure is gentle to the cell samples, completed within only 30 minutes and compatible with multiplexing for content and context-rich results. Compared to the BrdU assay, the streamlined detection protocol of the EdU-based assay reduces the total number of steps and significantly decreases the total amount of time.

We are providing three kit variants which are optimized for use with a flow cytometer, fuorescence microscope, or a fluorescence plate reader.
Each kit variant is available with four different fluorescent labels (green, violet, orange, red) to enable good compatibility and flexibility with other labeling/staining approaches.

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