CRISPR: From Biology to Technology and Novel Therapeutics


CRISPR: From Biology to Technology and Novel Therapeutics
October 22 – 24, 2017, Sitges, Spain

CRISPR systems can cleave and precisely incorporate DNA into defined locations in the genome. These elegant machineries evolved to protect microbes from phage invaders but have recently been repurposed by scientists as powerful tools for biological discovery and biotechnology. CRISPR-based platforms are now being used to engineer genomes, to regulate gene expression, and as alternatives to RNAi-based screening. Building on these accomplishments to unleash the full potential of CRISPR-based technologies will require a deeper understanding of the basic biology of how these systems work.

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This wide-ranging Cell Symposium will showcase the latest research on:

  • the basic biology of CRISPR systems
  • optimizing repair of CRISPR-generated DNA breaks
  • cutting-edge CRISPR-based technologies for biomedical research
  • novel applications of CRISPR for treating disease

Abstract submission deadline: June 2, 2017